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Ethical issues have become important to companies and institutions of all sizes in the sector.  Such considerations are the driving force in launching the company.

We focus on investing in fintechs with excellent ethical governance, which involves important aspects such as how staff are treated, the staff`s social well-being, and the projects companies are involved in. In this sense, we solely invest in companies with an outstanding ethical standing.
We also offer first-hand advisory support alongside the investment. We are here to help and to support fintech companies reach the next stage (or level).
We offer advice on a range of topics, including marketing, business development, global expansion, rollout plans, and strategic product development. By offering the most personalised service available we enable companies to access the investment required to achieve their goals.

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United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 (0) 58 571 0881
Taranis Capital
Your Fintech Partner
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