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UAE Gains Access to New Credit Services With RAKBANK Credit Card

May 21, 2023

UAE Gains Access to New Credit Services With RAKBANK Credit Card

RAKBANK has rolled out a new digital on-boarding solution that allows customers to apply for a RAKBANK Credit Card digitally. New customers will receive a virtual card instantly on completion of all checks, followed by delivery of a physical card.

New customers who apply for a credit card through the RAKBANK App will enjoy a host of benefits. These include cashback up to AED 1,000, free subscriptions to online streaming services, various travel, and hospitality and dining rewards. This is all in addition to a vast range of Mastercard privileges. Any UAE resident over the age of 18 can apply for a credit card through the RAKBANK App. They can do so by uploading the necessary documents.

Shehzad Hameed, managing director of retail banking, commented: “Following the successful launch of RAKBANK’s digital account onboarding last month, we are pleased to extend the experience to our credit cards. Customers can receive a credit card in a few simple steps via the Bank’s App.

“This launch is another step forward when it comes to delivering innovative solutions that enhance the customer journey. Customers today expect a lot more from credit cards. We as a bank, are aligned with their needs and aim to deliver the best possible experience”.

RAKBANK‘s digital journey continues to advance at an accelerated pace. The core of the bank’s transformation is to continues to develop new journeys for potential customers,  remains at the core of the Bank’s transformation. Consequently, the Bank has taken one more step towards living up to its motto: the digital bank with a human touch with its customers in their key moments of truth.

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