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The Fintech Times and Taranis Capital unite in a groundbreaking partnership.

May 2, 2023

The Fintech Times and Taranis Capital unite in a groundbreaking partnership.

The Fintech Times and Taranis Capital have announced a groundbreaking partnership that will revolutionize the fintech industry. Combining their expertise and resources, the two companies are bringing a world exclusive collaboration to the market; an ethical Fintech fund that’s set to inspire and elevate the industry.

As a leading fintech news and research platform, The Fintech Times delivers the latest industry news, trends, and insights to its readers. Taranis Capital is an ethical fintech fund that specializes in investing in established to mid-stage fintech companies.

Together, they'll harness their deep knowledge of fintech trends and cutting-edge technologies to drive positive change. The Fintech Times will offer Taranis Capital exclusive access to its research and analysis, while Taranis Capital will open up its portfolio companies to The Fintech Times.

With their combined expertise, they're set to revolutionize the way fintech is done and bring innovative ethical solutions to the market which will have the power to transform the world of fintech.

Mark Walker, founding partner & COO “The venture capital (VC) industry has seen a radical shake up in the last few months, with many VC’s seeing their high-profile portfolio companies devalued. This is leading to a well needed correction in valuations and assessments of sustainable business models. The research, insights and industry connections we have direct access to via The Fintech Times, put us in an excellent position to better asses the long-term future of fintech companies and their business models.”

Nicholas Bingham, founding partner & CEO says “Ethical issues have become important to companies and institutions of all sizes in the sector and such considerations are the driving force in our fund. Our fund prioritizes ethical governance in fintech investments, and we recognize the importance of upholding ethical standards in the industry.  Our focus on factors such as employee treatment, social well-being, and environmental sustainability reflects our belief in a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow, and we are proud to support companies that share this commitment.”

This partnership is a landmark moment in the fintech industry, and The Fintech Times and Taranis Capital are excited to be at the forefront of this revolution.

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