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Taranis Capital appoints Dirk Burmann to CFO and adds further ESG expertise.

July 3, 2023

Taranis Capital appoints Dirk Burmann to CFO and adds further ESG expertise.

Taranis Capital, an ethical, fintech-focused investment fund, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dirk Burmann as our Chief Financial Officer (CFO). With over 25 years of experience in the financial sector, Dirk brings a wealth of expertise to our team. His extensive knowledge spans the CFO agenda, private equity, funds industry, and due diligence practices, particularly within the financial sector. Throughout his career, Dirk has honed his financial management skills through management consulting roles, including at two of the Big Four accounting firms, as well as in various senior positions within the financial sector. As a Certified Public Accountant and former fund manager of a multi-billion-dollar fund business, Dirk is well-versed in regulatory requirements, fund administration, and stakeholder management, including investor communication. Furthermore, he has shared his expertise as a lecturer at universities on valuation and delivered keynote speeches on diverse financial topics.


Commenting on Dirk's appointment, Nicholas Bingham, Founder and CEO of Taranis Capital, stated, "I am pleased to welcome someone with such extensive experience in senior finance roles within private and public companies to our team. Dirk's expertise will prove invaluable as we continue to scale our business and expand into new markets."


Dirk Burmann, CFO at Taranis Capital, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I'm thrilled to be joining such an exciting business at this crucial stage of its growth. The team's dedication to ethical investing is truly inspiring."


In line with our commitment to ethical FinTech, Taranis Capital has partnered with Change Gap and Co-Labs, strategic partners who offer a comprehensive range of services to support our mission. Getting to the heart of what ‘ethical’ means and how we apply this in our decisions clearly and consistently, is key to driving our ethical FinTech initiatives forward.  Change Gap’s services and business model have been created to address the gaps they identified in the FinTech industry, and so are well matched to our need to deliver this clarity.


Co-Labs, as part of the partnership, offers curated and benchmarked data on FinTech companies, tailored to specific geographical, functional, and sector coverage requirements. This valuable data allows us to make informed decisions and identify the most suitable FinTechs for our fund. The careful curation and analysis of this data provide us with valuable insights, enabling us to align our investments with our ethical goals in a clear and qualified manner.


Furthermore, Change Gap and Co-Labs offer advisory, consulting, and collaboration services to support the onboarding process, initial due diligence, and ongoing management of selected FinTechs. Their experienced team assists with both business and operational aspects, including technology-related considerations. Understanding the significance of thorough due diligence, they provide comprehensive support to ensure the success and sustainability of our ethical FinTech investments.


Nicholas Bingham, Founder and CEO of Taranis Capital, emphasized the benefits of partnering with Change Gap and Co-Labs, stating, "By collaborating with Change Gap and Co-Labs, we gain access to a comprehensive suite of services that align with our ethical FinTech goals. Their expertise, curated content, benchmarking data, and advisory support will empower us to make informed decisions and create a positive impact in the FinTechs we invest in."


Sarah Sinclair Co-Founder + CEO of Change Gap said: “Change Gap partnering with Taranis Capital to support ‘Ethical FinTechs’ is well timed.  Support for responsible, ethical FinTechs will assure sustainable success for all parties.  Our work will draw on the expertise of a global ecosystem of partners & experts, and clearly demonstrates our mission to help create a stronger future for the industry.”

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