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Nigel S Little Appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board for Taranis Capital

October 3, 2023

Nigel S Little Appointed Chairman of the Advisory Board for Taranis Capital

Taranis Capital, a pioneering ethical fintech investment firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nigel Stuart Little as Chairman of the Advisory Board. With a distinguished career spanning over four decades in the financial industry, Mr. Little brings a wealth of experience, leadership, and a commitment to ethical governance to the organization.

Nigel Little's journey to this prestigious role is marked by a remarkable academic foundation and an illustrious career in finance. He graduated with honours from London University, earning a degree in Science, with a specialisation in Physics, Maths, and Life Sciences. Post university , Nigel’s career in the finance began in The City of London at Coopers & Lybrand’s graduate trainee chartered accountant’s program and then moved into the exciting world of stockbroking.

Over the years, Nigel's career trajectory evolved as he transitioned from being a financial analyst to taking on pivotal roles in distribution, trading, and corporate finance. Notably, he served as a senior executive at HSBC James Capel for a decade, followed by a significant stint as a Principal at Morgan Stanley investment bank for two years. Subsequently, he became a board member and an integral part of strategy and management committees at NationsBank Panmure, contributing his expertise for a decade.

Nigel's journey through the financial landscape continued with his role as the head of downstream investment banking at Nomura, where he spent four years. His career reached its pinnacle as he served as the President of Canaccord Capital Corporation U.K. and Vice-Chairman of the global business for a remarkable eight years. His extensive experience in publicly listed companies and private equity, combined with his dedication and vision, make him an ideal choice to lead Taranis Capital as Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Upon retiring from full-time investment banking, Nigel Little continued to make significant contributions to the financial sector. He joined the Advisory Board of Kleinwort Benson merchant bankers and played a pivotal role as a private equity team member. Additionally, he assumed the role of Senior Advisor to Smith & Williamson Corporate Finance, where his strategic insights continued to shape the industry.

Beyond his professional achievements, Nigel Stuart Little is a family-oriented individual, married with two grown-up children. One of his children works with a prominent European Private Equity fund, while the other is involved in a marketing role with a charity organisation. Nigel's diverse interests include careful investing, golf, rugby, a deep appreciation for Georgian architecture, and a passion for motorsport.

Taranis Capital is delighted to welcome Nigel Stuart Little as Chairman of the Advisory Board. His expertise in ethical finance aligns perfectly with the company's mission to promote ethical governance in fintech investments. Taranis Capital is committed to investing in fintech companies with exceptional ethical standards, considering factors such as staff welfare and the ethical projects undertaken by these companies.

At Taranis Capital, ethical considerations are the driving force behind every investment decision. The firm offers comprehensive advisory support, guiding fintech companies towards their next stage of development. Services include marketing, business development, global expansion strategies, rollout plans, and strategic product development. Taranis Capital's personalised approach empowers companies to secure the investment required to achieve their goals, with a strong emphasis on ethical governance.

Nigel Stuart Little's appointment as Chairman of the Advisory Board marks a significant milestone in Taranis Capital's journey. His career, coupled with his commitment to ethical finance, positions him as the ideal leader to guide the firm towards a future marked by responsible and sustainable fintech investments.

Taranis Capital looks forward to a promising future under the leadership of Nigel Stuart Little, as the company continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the ethical landscape of fintech investments.

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