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KITMEK Launches $1 Digital Only School for Children Across MENA

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January 31, 2023

KITMEK Launches $1 Digital Only School for Children Across MENA

KITMEK, a new interactive digital school, has officially launched; costing just one dollar per month for children across MENA.
The KITMEK digital school is three years in the making and aims to provide a global curriculum from kindergarten to fifth grade. The school also offers extra-curricular interactive classes covering a range of topics including phonics, life skills, communication skills and financial literacy.

KITMEK offers a multi-lingual and multisensory mode of teaching; providing 3D models to enhance a child’s learning experience. Digital teaching provides over 18,000 questions, and 144 unique exams designed by a team of professional teachers and curriculum specialists.

The digital school is currently available in the MENA region on the Android Play Store or Apple Store. Once downloaded, an internet connection is not a necessity to use.

If a parent cannot afford the $1 dollar fee, they can enrol on KITMEK’s free education programme service. Once listed on the website, anyone can sponsor their child with a gift of $1.

Detailed report cards are also offered to parents and donors to ensure children are using the service efficiently.

Motivating children
In an effort to motivate young children to use the platform to learn, it has introduced a reward system. As kids use the lessons available to learn, the platform rewards them with coins. This currency can be used on the platform within shopping and entertainment zones.

The KITMEK shopping mall offers a place for users to customise their avatars. Coins earned can also be spent at a digital gaming plaza, music concert or amusement park. The service promises no ads or external influences to ensure that all age groups are kept safe when using the education service.

‘Personalised education at a pocket friendly $1’
Anand Kadian, CEO of KITMEK Group, discussed the significance of the launch. Kadian said: “AI has become part of our lives. It has a major role in stock markets, energy, and aviation; with healthcare also using it.

“It is time education adopts it too. Today we realise primary education must be personalised. With the current global infrastructure, we cannot give personalised focus as human intervention in the process is absolute. This is the reason conventional education has a ‘one fit for all’ solution. For more than 263 million children, there is no access to education available.

“KITMEK aims to solve this by making a powerful ecosystem, a safe place where education is gamified and aids a child’s inquisitive mind. With global sponsorship by KITMEK, one can provide world-class personalised education at a pocket friendly $1 and even track the child’s performance.

“KITMEK is a 100 per cent paradigm shift in the field of education. With the rising costs in the education industry, we foresee considerable downloads of KITMEK app from parents in the MENA region waiting to go live.”

Anand also commented on why AI can offer a solution to children searching for an education: “AI is the solution to teach every child in their own way, pace and at a price unimagined before this. This is a chance for the world to have children grow outside of a rigid system established more than a century ago. Classrooms across the world look almost the same as they looked a century ago. We also envision KITMEK to be that change in education and hope to solve the global education crisis.”

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