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Taranis Capital we interview our Founding Partner & CEO Nicholas S. Bingham

May 8, 2023

Taranis Capital we interview our Founding Partner & CEO Nicholas S. Bingham

Ethical considerations are becoming increasingly prevalent as time passes. As economic, climate and more issues hit across the globe; environmental, social, and governance principles have drastically grown in priority. 

Ethical issues have become important to companies and institutions of all sizes in the sector.  Such considerations have also become a focal point for a new global ethical fintech-focused investment fund set to launch; Taranis Capital.

The fund, which is focused on investing in fintechs with excellent ethical governance, also looks plans to offer itself as an advisor to firms in need. Nicholas S. Bingham, founder of the fund, spoke to us on why he felt such a fund and service is needed.

Bingham brings 25 years of experience from across the globe and has represented a wide range of financial markets.

The fund founder spoke on the importance of ensuring prospective companies are ethical. He said: "One of the major aspects of this fund is visiting companies personally. We don't want to outsource that to anyone else. We would like to gain a full understanding of them as a company."

"Ethical governance, how staff are treated, the staff's social wellbeing and the projects companies work on are all very important. Even if a company looks attractive to an investor; if their ethical standing is not good then this fund would not want to get involved."

"We don't only want to put money in to get money back out again. If a company is not of good standing and good governance then we wouldn't see it as the right fit for the fund."

Providing 'face-to-face support'

The founder plans for Taranis Captal to also offer first-hand advisory support, alongside investment, if needed. Bingham aims to use his considerable experience from across the globe, to offer first-hand face-to-face advice to companies in need.

Bingham also commented on why offering both an investment fund and advisory support could support fintech companies. He explained: "I will be offering this first-hand face-to-face service, as opposed to an over-the-phone robotic service that people are getting nowadays. We are here to help; we're not just here to make money. Taranis Capital is launching because we want to help fintech companies reach the next stage."

Taranis Capital's ambition is to offer advice on a range of topics including marketing, business development, global expansion, rollout plans, and strategic product development alongside ensuring companies are able to access the investment required to achieve their goals. The company explained that it strives to become the most "personable service" available, willing to "hold the hand" of companies if required.

Looking to the future, the fund also has long-term plans to expand its services globally. Bingham explained his personal goals for the company: "Getting involved in outreach programmes is a personal goal of mine. I'd also love that to set up in different lesser developed countries and support the fintech industry in those regions."

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